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31 Mar

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Bliss No. 9

Ok!! I’m nearing 70 followers, and I’m ecstatic. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who has supported me, you really do make my day. I’ve decided to do another mini giveaway since my first giveaway just ended (Congrats Fancieland!! :D), and I really wanted to open another one up for my new and old followers!! Open until April 20th, 2012.

What you can win: Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover, Wet N’ Wild Pink Glitter Polish, Zeno Heat Treat Acne Prevention Gel, Hard Candy Baked Blush in Honeymoon, Custom Night Sky Glitter Mix for Nails, Hello Kitty Emery Board, Custom Vintage Blue TKB Pigment Eyesahdow, Kawaii Peach Eraser, Collegen Moistful Sample, Perfume Samples, Vitamin E Capsules, Detail Makeup Brush, Lancome Genefique Sample, and Tazo Calm Tea.

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Effective sales executive…

30 Mar

Effective sales executives control the conversation, how? By asking questions #sponsorship #sales

Tips for the Newbie Sales Chick

28 Mar

When I first started out in sales, I was thrown into it and had no clue what I was doing.  I am a self-taught Sales Chick. Here are a few tips for the newbie Sales Chicks:

First, Listen, I listened to my boss and colleagues as they made sales calls to see what worked for them and what didn’t.  Don’t be afraid to ask your boss and colleagues questions and advice.  You’re young, probably just out of college, and aren’t expected to know everything. My boss and colleagues gave me invaluable information over the years. Listen to your prospects and clients. Are you understanding their goals and objectives? Once you do, it should be easy to make the sale.


Second, don’t ever think of yourself as a salesperson. Sometimes it has a bad connotation. You are a resource, think and act like one. Potential customers need your products, events, and services for their business. You are their best keep secret, you make them look good, find creative ways to let them know. When customers or prospects think of what ever service or product you are selling make sure they think of YOU!


Third, do your Research.  This should be a two-pronged approach. First, research your prospect, know their business. Do everything you can to find out as much as you can about the prospect and their company. Second, always be looking for new leads. They can be found everywhere. You can find them from a magazine ad, commercial, social media, online, etc… See who is buying ads because they are obviously spending money. Use tools like Sales-Fax, Sales- Force, and Info-USA if necessary, but note you don’t always have to spend money for leads. Just keep your eyes open and devote at least an hour of you each day looking for new leads.   

Thanks Chicks! Happy Selling!!

Please send me comments and topics you would like me to cover.

Sales Chick Tip of the Day!

21 Mar

Don’t take NO from someone who can’t say YES! #sales #business #success


19 Mar

Good Morning Chicks! Happy Monday! Remember to keep you emails to clients concise and to the point! Do not overload a client with too much information in an email. You run the risk of losing their interest. The best thing to do is send short “teaser” emails to peak their interest and then follow-up with a phone call.   #sales #success


Good Morning Chicks! Inst…

6 Mar

Good Morning Chicks! Instead of going out to lunch with your coworkers spend that time making a few more calls and doing research #getahead

Positive Attitudes

3 Mar

Good Morning Chicks! A positive attitude is one of the most important elements of sales! #staypositive