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Make Goals!

25 Apr

Hey Chicks! It’s important to wake up every morning with goals!

One of the first step to achieve any goal is writing it down. On Jan 1st
write down your financial goals for the year and keep it in your desk.
Take it out every time you need motivation. No one can get you to that
goal but you!

In sales, you should make daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and
yearly goals. These goals can be financial goals or task related.
Every morning you should say to yourself, “I will make 30 calls or
emails today.”These daily goals should coincide with your weekly and
monthly goals and should keep you on track. Think about these goals constantly. Visualize and map out how you can achieve them. I like to use Outlook to manage my calls and emails. Some may feel more comfortable writing them out in a daily planner. Whatever you are most confident with, is best for you. Just make sure you can see your progress through-out the day. If you notice it is 3:45 and you still have ten calls to make on your list, it will help you get back on track to achieving that daily goal. One tip to help you track your progress is to track your sales in a spreadsheet and monitor them weekly. This will help you plan out your
daily/weekly goals and adjust them as necessary.

These are just a few tips to help you unlock your potential! What
goals to you have for yourself? How do you achieve your goals?

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Marie Claire @Work Edition!!

23 Apr


Hey Chicks! Just picked up this month’s Marie Claire with the special @Work edition. Pick it up! It has great fashion,beauty, and business advice! Check out Marie Claire



Love this Briefcase

17 Apr

Hey Chicks! I love this briefcase! It’s way more chic than a plain black one. What do you like to carry to work?


If you wake up …

14 Apr

If you wake up with no goals for the day, don’t bother getting out of bed!


Visualize succe…

12 Apr

Visualize success! It is important to see your end goal and visualize your journey to it.


“People who have no goal…

11 Apr

“People who have no goals are doomed forever to work for people who do!”~ Brian Tracy

This quote is so true and I will be posting a more in-depth post on goals in the near future.

Finishing Out the Week

5 Apr

Good Morning Chick! It’s almost the weekend! Keep picking up the phone and sending out those emails to potential clients. PERSISTENCE is the key! I can’t tell you how many times a potential prospect has thanked me for being persistent. Brand Managers, Business Owners, Purchasing Managers, are all busy people; they want to get back to you but sometime they just run out of time in their day.  Don’t give up and keep on selling! #success #selling #thesaleschick #persistence