It’s a Full-Time Job, to get a Full-Time Job

23 Jan

It takes hour upon hours to apply for jobs and internships. Do not be discouraged! Stay focused and stay organized.  Make a plan and a goal. Organize your day and devote at least one hour per day to applying for jobs. Many companies have long and drawn out application processes, it is just the way it is. Be sure to take your time with these application forms, it is the companies only way to review your qualifications.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Many job sites pull information from an uploaded resume. Make sure each job position is separated and easily distinguished. It makes it a lot easier for the computer to read it and pull into those predetermined fields.
  2. Make a list of the jobs you would like to apply for and cross off those you applied to. Organization is key!
  3. Right down the password and username for each job applied for. It makes it so much easier to follow up and apply for a job down the road at the same company.
  4.  Don’t give up!

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