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5 Things To Remember at Networking Events

11 Oct

Hi Chicks!

I have been attending a ton of networking events lately. I am trying to get myself to as many  as possible. They have ranged from political events,to trade association events, and young professional events. My philosophy is you never know who you are going to meet and what opportunity will come from a hand shake.  Her are 5 things to do at Networking Events.

  1. Make a plan- Some networking events release their attendees prior to the event. Scan the list and identify who you would like to speak with that day. If you go in blind, try scanning the guest list at check-in and work from there.
  2. Manage Your Time- Be aware of your time and maximize it. Do your best to talk to as many people as possible. Don’t make them feel rushed, but when you notice you are running out of things to say, move on.
  3. Make yourself memorable- When you get asked the age old question, “what do you do?” You should day “I bring quality health care products to doctors!” Not I am a medical sales person. Or “I create strategic partnerships between brands and sporting/lifestyle event.” Not I am in sponsorship sales.
  4. Limit Your Alcohol Intake- Limit yourself to one or two drinks, no more! There is nothing worse than being the sloppiest person in the room. It also gives a bad impression. Do you want to do business with the guy/gal slurring their words?
  5. Bring lots of business cards- Make sure you have tons of business cards and a pen. Early in my career I went to a networking event and didn’t bring enough. How embarrassing! The pen is useful for taking note on the back of the card of a potential connection. For example: “Worked with Jim Smith at XYZ Company in the past”

Finally, also remember to enjoy your time and meeting new people.

Until next time