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What I wish potential college-age college employees knew on their interviews!

1 Jan

In the recent months, the number of college -age students coming in for interviews unprepared have skyrocketed!  I am taking what I have seen and learned and decided to help others!

I am now offering one on one resume evaluation and interview prep for college-age students seeking Internships and Jobs.

Being prepared makes all the difference and it is the one thing that sets a job candidate apart from others.

You can book my services via the link below. I am offering:

  • Resume Evaluation and interview tips – $25 for a 30 minute session
  • Mock Interviews – $25 for a 30 minute session
  • Special Package: $40 if both sessions are booked 

Click Here to Book an Appointment


Great Ideas!

19 Jun

We’ve all been there. You bring up a great idea and it immediately gets shot down by your boss or another co-worker. Not only does this effect your confidence negatively, but that negativity can spread to others within your organization. You need to personally stop the negativity in its tracks. Don’t let it get to you, instead, figure out how to turn it around.

If you have an idea, believe in it and stick with it. See it through! Before you toss the idea out the window, do some research. Get your facts straight and organize the idea. Once you have everything spelled out, go back to your boss and re-present your idea. Make sure you explain why it makes sense, how will it benefit the company, how you are are going to execute, etc… Lay it all out. If your boss still says no, “table it” and move on. Save it in your idea file and there might be a better time down the road. Your boss might just say, “Yes, I like the idea!” Either way your boss will appreciate your initiative and aggressiveness. Be aggressive and stay positive!